Please let me introduce myself. I’m Jan. I have been living in NH for 37+  years.  As much as I love it here, I haven’t really appreciated all it has. We live in a beautiful state that has so much to offer, we have mountains, the ocean, and where we live full time, “The lakes Region”.  We get wrapped up in our lives and the next thing we know we are in a rut. Doing the same things and busying ourselves on weekends doing home projects. Recently I retired, (my husband, Paul) is still working. Well, honestly, this is about my fourth time retiring.  I failed at retirement however this time it is for real. 

Update, not really. I work with Kevin at Roche Realty Group. Kevin talked me into getting my real estate license about 6 years ago. For those of you who know Kevin, he didn’t take no for an answer. I am so grateful to him because I have met so many wonderful people these past years as an agent and continue to broaden my knowledge of New Hampshire and the Lakes Region. 

This past year, Kevin said he wanted to enter the world of social media, up his presence there. He asked me if I would help him. Of course I would! Mind you, this is not really something I knew much about. Actually, I didn’t know anything but I said, I will learn. 

First thing I did was contact my daughter, Lindsey.  She owns which is a web/graphic design/photography company in NH. After she rolled her eyes when I told her I was now Dir. of Social Media for Kevin, she told me to listen to some podcasts and then we will talk. Well, I took her advice, I listened to podcasts and had a list of questions. Fast forward, after a short period of time building up FB, Instagram and LinkedIn we decided it was time for Kevin to get his own website. Lindsey build an amazing website and blog that we launched last week. Check it out at . 

Kevin’s website give’s you up-to-date information on all the MLS listings so you can search and contact Kevin from one place. We will also give you a wealth of information on latest trends in Real Estate,  information on how to get your home and you ready to sell. In addition we will have information on happenings in the Lakes Region and beyond. We want this website to become the place to get all the information you need in RE. If you want to get in touch with Kevin, you can do it directly from the website. 

In the meantime, I am going to be exploring NH and keeping you all up to date on what is happening and great places to try out. That being said, I am off  to explore our wonderful state. So, here I go. I have no specific things I want to see or places to visit. I’m just going to see where it goes, what I discover, what I see that I like. I’m sure that I will also discover places I don’t like. I hope not, but we shall see.

One of my first and ongoing adventures will be to find the best cinnamon buns in New Hampshire. I take this task very seriously.

We would love to hear from you. Give us a call or drop us a line.

Here we go………

Next week we will be starting a 4 part series about staging your home and getting it ready to hit the real estate market to sell. We will be taking your from curb appeal through setting up a home office.