Winter’s in New Hampshire can be rough. Especially for your home and property. The most effective way to protect your home is to be proactive. This means preparing your house and your property for below 0 degrees, harsh wind, heavy snow, and a Nor’easter. The key to being ready is to start early. Just after Labor Day is a good time if you are in the northern part of the state and just a couple of weeks later if you are in the southernmost section of the state. Don’t wait until WMUR predicts the first snow. Get out to the store and purchase what you will need. Call and schedule the service tech to check out the mechanicals. If you wait it may be too late to schedule someone and the store may have run out of what you are looking for.

The checklist below should help you stay on top of winterization and stay organized. Have fun and enjoy the snow!

Winterize Your Home Checklist

Lawn, Garden, Deck
__Check your trees, remove any dead branches, trim or remove branches that are leaning on house, roof, or windows
__Prepare lawn, aerate, over-seed, and apply winter fertilizer
__Have your irrigation system blown out prior to Columbus Day
__Drain outside faucets and remove and store hoses
__Inspect decks, handrails for any damage and repair
__Order, stack, cover your firewood, and make sure wood is in a convenient location in the yard.
__Remove leaves from lawn prior to the first snowfall
__Service equipment in the Fall to avoid long waits in the Spring

Gutters, Roof, and drains
__Clean out gutters
__Check the roof for any damage, shingles, flashing, skylights
__Have the chimney inspected and/or cleaned, inside and out each year

Windows and doors
__Make sure all windows and doors are draft proof
__Remove and store all screens

Heating, Venting, and HVAC
__Clean on and around your HVAC units
__Have the furnace inspected and/or cleaned each year prior to use

Tools and Machinery
__Service snow blower and place in a convenient location
__Place snow shovel, ice chopper, sand, and salt within easy access

__Critter proof attic
__Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
__Reverse fans to a clockwise position which will blow warm air down
__Inspect outside lighting
__Prepare your driveway and walkways for snow removal. Place driveway snow markers/stakes along edges.

__Don’t forget to get that Ice scraper in your car! Also, a small shovel and a bag of sand!
__Make sure you have fresh batteries in all your flashlights and plenty of candles on hand.